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Nepali Ayurvedic Massage

  You are able to learn this technique either via our online video (with accompanying e-book) or in-person at workshops at official host locations. Participants will be able to perform the massage modality in its entirety, and will also learn the underlying aspects of the technique.

  • Traditional Nepali Ayurvedic massage uses strokes, circular movements (with knuckles, fingertips, and palms), and intentional holds and pauses at various points within the lower half of the human body, in an intentional and unique manner. It is relaxing in nature while at the same time often providing some form of energetic release (similar to acupressure points).

  • The sequence of Nepali Ayurvedic massage begins with the feet and moves upwards, with the left foot as the initial point of contact for female clients (feminine energy) and the right foot as the initial point of contact for male clients (masculine energy).
  • One major aspect of Nepali Ayurvedic Massage is the intentional holds and pauses at various points along the body. These holds and points of pressure can be applied via pinching, thumb pressure, and finger tips.

  The movements and strokes of this massage, partnered with the sequence, rhythm, and intention, create a massage technique that is truly unique.

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Payment Plans Available

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If you prefer to learn immediately online we have the entire course available for you.

You will have access to your entire course, student manual, and exam via your individual student log-in, and you are able to receive your official "touching lives" massage (C) Certificate immediately after passing your online coursework and exam.

You will also receive an instructional e-book to download, save, and reference.

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In-person workshops will be available at any of our officially approved host locations, beginning Summer 2020.

As hosts, they have agreed to provide a portion of each workshop’s income to support our "touching lives"  massage © community service efforts.

Currently, 100% of our efforts are directed towards the establishment of our flagship "touching lives"  massage © massage therapy school.

Please look at our list of Upcoming Events below to learn more about official workshops, locations, and dates.

Additional Modalities...

Fall, 2022, we will have additional massage therapy modalities available to share with you.


Please contact us if you would like to be added to our mailing list; we will send announcements whenever we have new modalities to offer, or to share any good news in our community service efforts.

Your online contribution, or participation in our workshop, directly supports our efforts to open a massage therapy school, and to provide professional training and employment to Nepalis of need.


By learning with us you are providing opportunity to others, you are "touching lives"...

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Kathmandu, Nepal:




Workshop Policy: Cancellations and refunds can be made up to 14 days before the first day of the workshop. Refunds will be provided within 14 days of cancellation (payments via PayPal are preferred, providing immediate receipts and ease of refund if needed).

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