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About us...

"touching lives"  massage © is a heart-centered, mindful approach that seeks to leverage the power of human touch to create lasting, positive changes and connections within communities. Our intention is to:


  • Raise awareness and appreciation of the diversity of authentic indigenous massage therapy techniques from around the globe.


  • Empower massage therapists to learn and incorporate these techniques within their practices, thereby preserving the authentic traditions. By learning new massage therapy modalities the therapists will be able to provide a new line of services for their clients to benefit from.


  • Establish "touching lives"  massage © massage therapy schools within communities of need, providing economic opportunity to marginalized individuals. These massage therapy schools may also provide training to international students on-site, allowing for unique, authentic, meaningful connections and experiences with the marginalized communities we seek to support and to serve.

Host a


Become an


Train in this technique either via:



  • in-person at workshops at official host locations.

As an official host of our "touching lives" massage © workshops you will be directly supporting our efforts to build our flagship school.


You will also benefit financially as a host as we believe in mutually beneficial, affirming relationships. If you are interested in hosting our workshops please contact us to learn more.

Whether you are an independent LMT or teach at a massage therapy school, we would love to establish a long-term connection with you. Our basic agreement entails:


  • Learning the technique directly from us.

  • Honoring the technique and tradition as you teach others.

  • Contributing a portion of workshop funds to our community service efforts.

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